Ten Fun Fashion Picks to Start 2016 in Style

#1 Shades of Gray

Always a cool weather favorite, pair your winter grays with navy, burgundy, camel, bold brights and soft pastels for a fresh twist.

1 shadesgray

#2 Culottes

A happy medium between full skirts and flared trousers. Their signature length makes them easy to coordinate with a variety of footwear.

2 Culottes

#3 Fringe Accents

Long popular as an accent on bags and shoes, everything from sweaters to jewelry to evening wear is now getting in on this 70s fashion inspiration.

3 Fringe

#4 Corseted Belts

No easier way to accent (or create!) the perfect hourglass silhouette.

4 CorsetedBelts

#5 Versatile Long Vests

Can replace a jacket in many business environments while working overtime with skinny pants and jeans.

5 LongVests

#6 Short Over Long Silhouettes

The crop top trend continues with shirt tails peeking out under short sweaters and short tops sitting on top of long, full bottoms.

6 ShortOverLong

#7 Capes

Always great as outerwear, some also make a significant style statement indoors this season.

7 Capes

#8 Stacked Heels

Three great reasons to wear them: sturdy, stable and comfortable!

8 StackedHeels

#9 Edgier Pearls

Typically thought of only as a conservative choice, this season’s pearls get strung in new ways!

9 EdgyPearls

#10 Backpacks

Finally, every designer at every price point has put their signature spin on this fun trend. They're certainly not just for students anymore!

10 Backpacks

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